By J.J. Jackson
Well, here are your choices in November – a devil or a devil.  Maybe the choice could be made easier. After all the saying goes, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”  Ok, well the only problem with that philosophy is that we “know” both of them.

On the one hand we have the devil named John McCain.  He has spent his career in Washington doing what he calls “reaching out” to liberals on the other side of the isle in Congress.  The reality is that he has spent a career in Washington compromising on what we are supposed to believe are his conservative principles.

He has worked hard to actively promote liberalism and the destruction of our Constitution with bills that proudly bear his name from McCain-Feingold to McCain-Kennedy to McCain-Lieberman and which covered every idiotic issue from amnesty for illegal aliens who violated our laws to come to the United States and steal the identity of U.S. Citizens to do so, to fretting over the fallacy of man-made Global Warming, to the outright repeal of the first amendment by Congressional mandate.

On the other hand we have the devil named Barack Obama.  He has spent many years soaking up hate America rhetoric in his former church (which he left only for political expedience after defending them as long as he could) and nodding his head with each and every word.  He has surrounded himself with every conceivable reprobate one could find who hates capitalism, the free markets, our inalienable rights and even some that have actually committed terrorist acts against America and her citizens.  He has said that he would appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court like Justices Ginsberg and Souter who have a long track record of casting aside the Constitution.

Neither will do anything serious about the rampant spending on unconstitutional social programs that burden the taxpayers year after year to enrich chosen groups of people and buy votes in every election.  Neither one of them will lift their veto pen if elected and stand up to a renegade Congress bent on spending every last dime they can force from the hands of the American public.  Neither has the courage or the conviction to support America.

So our choice boils down to the devil we know or the devil we know.  Either will give us an ever spiraling debt and the ever increasing death grip of the present welfare state.

My, we certainly have fallen down the hill from where we once lived and the shining city that once stood there.  It is now a shell of its former self.  Its glimmer has dimmed and resembles more of a Section 8 housing project these days where everyone has their hands out looking for their piece of the pie which has been taken from the window sills of those still industrious enough to bake them.

Politicians bicker about everything under the sun while the American citizens suffer because of policies that are strangling us and preventing us from accessing our own lands and our own resources.  And we, the citizens of the once shining city, are letting our politicians get away with it.

We have gone from a nation of people that fought and died for independence, to a nation of people that are electing year after year those that promise to keep us safe from the trials and tribulations of life’s uncertainties in exchange for our dependence on them.

The other night I sat on the bed watching my daughter, who is now just ten months old, play with our phone.  I think she is quite smart.  Already she knows which button to press to turn it on and then holds it up to her ear to listen to the dial tone.  She smiles each time she accomplishes this task, doing this over and over again.  She looks at me with her big brown eyes and giggles with a mouth containing only six teeth as I ask her who on Earth she is calling.

She knows so little but she learns so fast.  She learns so fast that I am afraid that she is going to learn the wrong lessons in life.  Oh, not from myself or my wife, but from other people she is going to meet.  And I wonder what kind of nation I am going to set her loose in.

I fear that it will be a nation full of devils; devils that we know all too well and that will consume her soul and convert her independent spirit and intelligence into dependence on their will.

With God as my witness, that shall not happen while I live and breathe.

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor of Conservative News & Opinion – The Land of the Free and also the owner of The Right Things – Conservative T-shirts & Gifts ( ). His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at

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