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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan), Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coah.), El Universal (Mexico City) 7/5/08

Mexico’s organized crime death tally has now gone over 2,000 for this year. In comparison, the first semester of 2005 reached 677; in 2006 it was 1,003 in the same period ; and in 2007 the number was 1,410. The first six months of this year reached 1,935 executions.
Since President Calderon took office (on Dec. 1, 2006) there have now been 4,867 executions and this year’s current figure is 2,017. Just yesterday there were 21, of whom eight were police officers.

Eleven Hondurans and their smuggler were detained in Candelaria, state of Campeche.

Three decapitated bodies, all repeatedly shot, were found yesterday (Fri.) in the trunk of a car in Culiacan, Sinaloa; one was identified as an ex-commander of the “Centaur Group” of the state police.. One of the bodies also had both its legs amputated at the knees, while the other two had only their left leg amputated, also at the knee. In the trunk of the car there was also a rattlesnake with its head chopped off and two defiant and threatening signs against the Beltran-Leyva drug group. There also were 509 – five hundred nine – shell casings in the trunk.

El  Debate  (Culiacan, Sinaloa)  7/5/08

Nine persons were murdered in the state of Sinaloa yesterday (note: this includes the three decapitated ones mentioned above). Two state police officers and a civilian were executed with “goat’s horns” (read: AK47) on a street corner in Culiacan; elsewhere in town a faith healer was also murdered and in Guamuchil two young men were also killed.

El Diario , Tiempo  (both Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  7/5/08

Yesterday evening (4th) three men were murdered by gunfire in Juarez within a lapse of three hours. Two of them were shot in a parking lot outside a restaurant in Juarez’ “Golden Zone”; “hundreds” of shell casings were located at the scene.
a.m.  (Leon, Guanajuato)  7/5/08

The chief, the deputy chief and two other officers of the Puruandiro, Michoacan, police department were returning from an out of town  meeting Friday afternoon  when they were ambushed and all four were killed.

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