Both John McCain and Barack Obama are for various forms of amnesty for illegal aliens, but not so Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin. Baldwin’s background as a staunch opponent of abortion and illegal immigration lends him credibility on the issues, as Baldwin’s been outspoken in his support of Christian conservative causes for years. Baldwin also holds little back in criticizing his former home, the Republican Party.

The Conservative Voice profiles Baldwin , and here are a couple brief clips from the article:

Upon accepting the Constitution Party nomination, Rev. Baldwin told party members and the news media that his presidency would result in the ending of illegal immigration and abortion. He also discussed his plans to streamline of the federal government, the tapping of oil reserves in Alaska, and a quick withdrawal from Iraq.

“Chuck is the real deal,” said Constitution Party Chairman Jim Clymer. “The party’s immediate tasks are raising money and gaining ballot access in each state.” The party currently is qualified to be on the ballots of 21 states. Clymer expects the eventual total to top 40 and including Kansas and Missouri.
(press release)

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